Kerrilynn Shellhorn

Kerrilynn  is an internationally respected Spiritual Medium , Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, who works with both adults and children.


Benefits from receiving a Session with Kerrilynn:

 *Learning to assess life experiences from a spiritual point of view
*Make balanced, whole(mind,body,soul) decisions
*Flow through transitions with grace and ease
*Help you gain trust and faith with your own intuitive gifts and guidance
*Assistance to self-identify and remove any blocks preventing you from your purpose and direction


What to Expect During a Session:

We are all different and our needs and experiences are ever changing. Each consultation begins by tuning into your higherself and higher ‘team’ to assess the direction for that consultation. You may need energetic healing, receive messages from loved ones that are crossed over, messages from guides , assistance in identifying a particular block pertaining to your current experience.. each session unique to that moment in time of your experience. I will work with you to teach you spiritual tools to help you empower yourself on your journey.

Who Do I Partner With?
It is my greatest pleasure to align myself and share my energy ,knowledge and gifts with people who are ready to:

* Fully step into their divine purpose, being of service by inspiring others with their gifts
*Ready to release old belief systems and old patterns without self-guilt or self-judgement
*Fully allow me to be the mirror to empower them on their own journey of self-mastery
*Take ownership and responsibility for their own healing journey knowing their physical and energetic choices CREATE their experiences.
*Understand the VALUE of the investment they put into their healing and journey and the VALUE of what I have to offer with knowledge and intuitive guidance to assist on their healing path.


Indigo Lounge is blessed to host private sessions for Kerrilynn, as well as “Dining with the Dead:  A Spirited Night Out” Events (4 course organic meal with Message Circle with Kerrilynn) in Indigo Lounge’s Organic Cafe & Eatery.

To find out when Kerrilynn is back at Indigo Lounge for private sessions and/or when the next Dining with the Dead Event is, please call or email.