All Level Yoga

YOGA CLASSES  (on calendar as YOGA or All level Yoga. Suitable for beginners) 

  • excellent toning of muscles and strengthening of body
  • complete detoxification:  flushing toxins out of body
  • massages ALL organs!
  • improves flexibility and range of motion
  • cultivates clarity of mind to increase concentration and focus
  • improves balance and coordination
  • keeps joints strong and optimally aligned
  • increases stamina, improving your breathing, core strength and agility
  • reduces risk of injuries and increases recovery time
  • restores energy levels
  • works the self as a whole…body, mind and spirit
  • suitable for all ages and any body type

 When we slow our minds, soften our hearts while feeling strong and grounded in our bodies, we can feel that blissful union with being ourselves….perfect, just the way we are!

See full schedule for more details:

All level Yoga:

Tuesday 5pm

Wednesday 7pm

Thursday 7pm

Friday 930am

Saturday 10am Flow Yoga

Please click on “classes” or “pricing and schedule” for our full class schedule.


 264 Tillson Ave


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