Balanced & Realigned

In the midst of our busy lives, how do we stay balanced?  How are you feeling?  physically?  emotionally? spiritually?    Take inventory and stock.    Take Action.  Stay in the Present Moment.  BREATH.  Align yourself with activities, places and people that enhance a balanced life. When life, our jobs, our homes, our bodies or minds get out of […]

Our future: Our Children

Our future:  Our children. We have many programs for kids.  Did you know kids feel stress too?  We have playful yoga classes that help kids connect mind and body and use breath to destress in a silly and super fun way.  Zumba for Kids is a dance class that is fun and energetic.   Our […]

Indigo Color

The Indigo chakra or the “Third Eye” is the centre of psychic ability and meditation. Use Indigo when you need to “get back” to humanity. Indigo Energy may help when: you need to find inner balance calm nerves and lymphatic systems have hearing problems have sleeping problems