About Us

Indigo Lounge is a holistic wellness center.

A place where natural and healthy options are given to realign, restore and enhance your health.

 At Indigo Lounge we honor individual uniqueness,  as we each travel our own paths with our own experiences.

 We offer classes, healing services and products with natural and healthy benefits to optimize  health, happiness and bliss.

Our vision and mission is to co-create a plan to help actualize the needs of every individual and to assist  the people that come through the Indigo Lounge doors to live a happier and healthier life as well as working with and supporting the people in the Community of Tillsonburg and the surrounding areas through Community Service.  We believe the power in numbers and when we can bring a little more kindness, a little more peace to members of the community, the whole community benefits.

Let your COLORS shine bright!


Kelly Spencer, R.N., CYT, Energy Healing, Certified Life Coach



About the Owner:

Kelly Spencer is a Holistic Healer,  Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation teacher and published author.   She has worked with hundreds of students and clients through sessions,  classes and workshops to bring expansion through awareness and acceptance of what is and moving through authentic action to potential and purpose.


Monday 430-730pm (classes and shop only / restaurant closed mondays)

Tuesday 1030am-730pm

Wednesday 1030am -730pm

Thursday 1030am -730pm

Friday 1030am -730pm

Saturday 9am-2pm

Sunday -closed with exception of schedule special events


Indigo Lounge is located on north  Tillson Ave., east side.

264 Tillson Ave

Tillsonburg, ON

N4G 3B3